How Do You Dye Your Hair Gray?

To dye your hair gray, choose a desired shade of gray and opt for an all-inclusive dye kit. Dampen hair and apply the mixture. Allow the color to set for the directed amount of time before rinsing it out and conditioning the hair.

Gray dyes come in various shades from dark to light and are either silver-based or white-based. Read the dye instructions carefully before purchasing to ensure you have all the materials you need. If your hair is dark, purchase a lightening kit or toner as well to ensure the gray tone shows well in your hair. All-inclusive kits come with the dye mixture, gloves and a conditioning toner. However, if you have thick or long hair, purchase two kits for coverage.

When applying the dye, cover any surfaces with old towels or rags and wear an old T-shirt in case of stains. Put on the gloves and mix the dye appropriately in the bottle provided or in a mixing bowl with a hair dye brush applicator. Apply the mixture with the brush applicator or bottle, or ask a friend to help you apply it to ensure complete coverage. Clip hair up and away from the skin while the dye sets.

Do not leave the dye on longer than indicated or you risk discoloration and damaged hair. Rinse hair in the shower so that all the dye is removed. The dye is gone once the water running into the drain is clear. Use the conditioner to restore hydration to the hair strands and allow it to sit on the hair as long as the directions indicate. Rinse the hair thoroughly.