How Do I Dye My Hair Golden Blond?

How Do I Dye My Hair Golden Blond?

To dye hair golden blond, determine how much to lighten the hair, pre-lighten the hair if necessary and apply the color. Dying hair golden blond takes between 45 minutes to two hours and requires hair color swatches, golden blond hair color and protective gloves. If pre-lightening is necessary, then hair bleach, shampoo, a color bowl, a shower cap and a color brush are also necessary.

  1. Determine the natural shade of the hair

    If you do not have color swatches, go to a beauty supply, and look at the color swatches there. Match the hair near the scalp to the color swatches. That is the hair's natural shade.

  2. Select the color

    If the hair needs to be lightened more than two shades, going from brown to blond, for instance, then pre-lightening is necessary. Hair naturally shows golden undertones, so select a cooler hair color than the target shade. Otherwise, simply select the desired golden blond color.

  3. Mix the soap cap

    Mix the powder hair bleach, developer, shampoo and water in equal proportions in the color bowl. Blend with the color brush until the mixture is smooth.

  4. Apply the soap cap

    While wearing the gloves, use the color brush to apply the soap cap evenly over damp hair. Place a plastic shower cap or bag on top, and process until the hair is the desired level of lightness. Start checking after 15 minutes, then every 10 minutes after that.

  5. Wash out the soap cap

    Activate the soap cap with water, then shampoo out. Dry the hair.

  6. Apply the color

    If not using a soap cap, start at this step. Segment the hair in three sections. Mix the color according to the manufacturer's directions. Apply the color to 1/2-inch strands. Process as instructed.