How Do You Dye Your Hair Blonde?


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Men and women can dye their hair blonde by visiting a professional colorist at a salon or by using a home hair bleaching product. Depending on the person's natural hair color, it may take several applications to get the color right. Red hair and very light brown hair may only need a couple of applications of highlights, whereas dark brown hair can take three or more applications.

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Before getting started, it is important to choose a suitable shade of blonde. Generally, very light shades of blonde do not suit people with dark brown or black hair. They should opt for honey or butter shades instead of platinum shades. People with lighter hair can choose lighter shades of blonde, but they should keep their skin tone in mind. Light, ashy shades compliment pale skin, whereas people with darker skin should use warmer shades of blonde.

People with medium length or long hair should avoid attempting to reach their desired shade in one sitting. Blonde hair bleach dries out hair, so leaving it in for a long time can cause damage. It is better to gradually dye the hair over several shorter treatments.

Additionally, people with medium length or long hair should consider cutting their hair after dyeing it blonde. Bleach can damage the ends, so getting a haircut offers a fresher, healthier look. Both men and women can use shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments designed for colored hair to keep their locks healthy and shiny.

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