How Do I Dye My Eyelashes and Eyebrows?


Although dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes is potentially dangerous, WebMD offers several suggestions for safely coloring both. Have a well-trained stylist dye your lashes and brows safely, or carefully color the areas at home.

  1. Complete the prep work

    Gather supplies needed, including the desired dye, a mascara wand for application and eye drops or a water source for post-application care. Remove your glasses or contact lenses, if applicable. Apply a toner beneath your eyes to keep the dye from staining your skin.

  2. Brush on the dye

    Use the mascara wand to brush semi-permanent dye onto the eyelashes. Apply with great care, avoiding the eyes and surrounding skin. Avoid double dipping to reduce the risk of infection. Wipe off residue after three to five minutes of application. Use a separate wand to affix the semi-permanent color to your eyebrows. Wipe off remaining residue after 10 to 20 minutes.

  3. Provide post-dyeing care for the eyes and surrounding area

    Apply lubricating eye drops or saline solution to eyes to help reduce sensitivity. Refrain from using cleansers that include glycolic acid or exfoliating alpha hydroxy agents around the eyes in order to maintain lasting color. Add mascara for deeper color. After the dye wears off in one to three months, re-apply if necessary.