How Do You Dye Canvas Shoes?

How Do You Dye Canvas Shoes?

How Do You Dye Canvas Shoes?

Dying a pair of canvas sneakers is a simple process that takes a varying amount of time to complete, depending on the speed at which the dye dries. If you want to dye your canvas sneakers, you need a bucket, fabric dye, salt, the sneakers being dyed and access to hot water.

  1. Create dye mixture

    Pour some of the hot water into the basin. To the water, add the liquid fabric dye and salt (if it is specifically required per the label on the dye).

  2. Get sneakers damp and soak

    Prepare the sneakers by making sure they do not have their laces in. Once they are undone, get the sneakers wet with hot water. Make sure they are wet, then place them into the dye mixture you have created.

  3. Stir the dye bath

    Examine the label on the bottle your dye came in. Depending on the specific ingredients and brand of dye, it requires a different amount of stirring to completely color the shoes. Stir the dye for the required amount of time, then remove the shoes.

  4. Rinse and dry your shoes

    Using fresh water, rinse your shoes off. They should have retained the color of the dye mixture. Once you are happy with the coloration, you may dry the shoes either in a laundry dryer, or simply by leaving them out overnight.