How Do You Dye Bleached Hair Dark?

Apply a hair color with complementary undertones to the bleached hair, leaving the color on for as long as recommended by the manufacturer. Choosing the wrong undertones could cause the hair to appear green or orange, when that is not the intended color.

If the hair is damaged from the bleaching process, deep condition it before coloring the hair again.

Step 1: Choose the right hair color

Compare the base tones of the hair and the possible hair color. If the bleached hair has yellow undertones, then a hair color with blue undertones to it will cause the hair to have a green cast. Instead, choose a hair color with violet undertones to counter the yellow.

Step 2: Mix up the hair color according to the directions

Gather all the materials necessary, including gloves, and mix the hair color exactly as the directions state. Use hair clips to section the hair.

Step 3: Apply the hair color

Apply the hair color evenly to each strand of hair. Leave on for as long as indicated by the directions on the hair color box.

Step 4: Wash the hair

Wash and deep condition the hair according to the directions.

Step 5: Assess the new color

Allow the hair to air dry or use a blow dryer and examine the new shade. If the hair needs to be darker still, then choose a darker hair dye. Remember that it is always easier to start out a little bit lighter and then add a darker shade if needed later.