How Do You Dye Black Hair Blond?

Dye black hair blond by coating the hair with a soap cap formula to lighten the hair's tone. Wash out the formula, and proceed to color the hair with a blond dye.

  1. Gather materials

    Collect peroxide, clarifying shampoo, a protein-based conditioner, powder lightener, distilled water, blond hair dye, a disposable shower cap and rubber gloves. Also secure a bowl and a brush.

  2. Make the soap cap formula

    Combine equal parts peroxide, clarifying shampoo, protein-based conditioner, powder lightener and distilled water in a bowl. Mix all ingredients together to create the soap cap formula.

  3. Apply the formula to the hair

    Separate the hair into small sections, and brush the soap cap formula into the strands. Distribute the formula evenly, and make sure that your hair is completely covered. Wearing rubber gloves, lather the mixture through the hair. Cover the head with a disposable shower cap, and let the soap cap formula set until the hair reaches the desired level of lightness.

  4. Color the hair blond

    Rinse out the soap cap formula. Using the selected dye, color your hair blond. Allow the dye to set until your hair is the preferred shade. Rinse out the dye, and style your hair as desired.

According to Laura Kiorkis, the owner and operator of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon in Peoria, Ariz., stylists can dye dark hair to a shade of blonde by using one of two techniques. The first technique involves stripping the color from the hair using a soap cap. The second technique requires lifting the hair to a lighter color by applying an ammonia-based color onto uncolored hair. The technique used depends on the state of the client's hair. Dying dark hair to any shade of blonde can be very damaging if bleach is used. Usually this type of dye job requires two appointments if the client wants to have a light blonde result. The intermediate step is typically a yellow-orange hair color.