How Do You Dye a Beard or Mustache?

How Do You Dye a Beard or Mustache?

The process of dying a moustache or beard is the same as dying any other sort of hair, simply apply the dye to the facial hair then rinse. Choose a dye that is appealing and does not irritate the skin. Other than the dye kit, no other materials are needed for this project.

  1. Prepare to dye the hair

    Apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the beard to keep the dye from making contact with the skin. The dye kit should include plastic gloves to keep the dye from contacting the hands. Make sure all surfaces are covered well to avoid discoloration.

  2. Apply the dye

    Using the brush supplied in the kit, test a small patch of facial hair to see how it reacts to the dye. If satisfied, continue applying the dye to the beard. Periodically check to see how the dye is affecting the color of the beard and apply a second layer if needed.

  3. Rinse the facial hair

    Once satisfied with the results of the dye, rinse the facial hair in warm, soapy water. Continue rinsing the dye from the hair until the water is clear. If you're not satisfied with the new color of the facial hair, it can removed by using a clarifying shampoo.