How Do You Dry Brush Your Skin?

How Do You Dry Brush Your Skin?

To dry brush your skin, get in your shower or bathtub, stroke your skin with a natural-bristle brush, rinse with hot water, rinse again with cold water and moisturize with natural oil. This 20-minute procedure requires a brush, a shower or bathtub, a towel and natural oil.

  1. Prepare your body

    Take off all of your clothes, and get in your shower or bathtub.

  2. Brush your skin

    Brush your entire body, beginning with your feet. Use short, soft strokes. Always brush toward your heart, and be very gentle when brushing sensitive areas such as your chest and neck.

  3. Rinse your skin

    After brushing your entire body, set the brush outside of the shower or tub so it does not get wet. Rinse your body with hot water, then make the water as cold as possible, and rinse again. This stimulates your circulation.

  4. Dry and moisturize your skin

    Pat your skin with a towel until it is slightly damp, then moisturize your body with natural oil such as coconut or jojoba. Massage the oil into your skin until no greasy residue remains.

  5. Clean the brush

    Hold the brush over a trash can, and fluff the bristles with your hand. Store the brush in a dry area, and wash it once a week to prevent bacterial growth.