How Do You Drink Collagen for the Skin?


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Collagen for the skin can be mixed with a regular drink like water when it comes in a powdered form, while collagen drinks that come in pre made liquid forms can be sipped as usual. Collagen drinks are advertised as providing the collagen skin needs to stay youthful and wrinkle free.

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Collagen is an important factor of the skin. It helps the skin remain stretchy and rebound when it is stretched to certain limits. It can be found in the blood and other areas of the body; it is also used within the body to help produce energy. Collagen production often slows down as people age, making it a more important for people who are already beginning to see wrinkles.

While collagen drinks are being marketed as one of the best ways that collagen can be absorbed into the skin, many doctors are skeptical about whether or not they truly work. When collagen is ingested through the mouth, it can be overtaken by enzymes and converted into energy. This means that the collagen will be converted before it has a chance to reach the skin. Collagen that is placed directly into or on the skin will be more effective than ingested collagen.

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