How Do You Dress Well?

How Do You Dress Well?

Tips for dressing well include wearing well-made and classic footwear, dressing to look more mature, shopping with a purpose, and knowing where and how to splurge on items. It's also recommended that men and women avoid current fashion trends and take good care of their clothes.

While a well-made and timeless pair of shoes can be expensive, they are often the most comfortable and long-lasting shoes. A quality pair of shoes can stay in great condition with a shoe shine and some gentle cleaning every now and then.

An individual should evaluate his wardrobe and get rid of anything that makes him look like a college student, such as cargo pants, sweats, jean shorts and baseball hats. By looking more mature, a person is more likely to be treated like a professional once he enters the business world.

Shopping with a purpose means shopping for specific items rather than rifling through the clearance rack for whatever is eye-catching and on sale. It's also recommended that an individual look at what he currently has in his closet for the season in order to determine his shopping needs.

One of the reasons it is recommended to spend top dollar for a single accessory or piece of clothing is because it can be worn or used for several decades.