How Do You Dress up a T-Shirt for Girls?

How Do You Dress up a T-Shirt for Girls?

Dress up a T-shirt for a girl by using iron-on transfers, fabric paint, fabric trim, patches, jewels and other embellishments to showcase one of her favorite activities or passions. Alternatively, use changeable accessories such as pins and brooches to add temporary flair.

  1. Use an iron-on transfer

    Use an iron-on transfer that depicts a favorite sport, activity, animal or other design. Buy one of these at your local craft store or use a software program and special printer paper to create your own at home.

  2. Create designs with fabric paint

    Create designs on the T-shirt using fabric paint. Use stencils to make specific patterns, or draw freehand using fabric paint pens or permanent markers.

  3. Add fabric trim

    Sew trim around the bottom and onto the neck and arm holes of the T-shirt. Choose a complementary solid color in a different fabric, such as lace, or sew on a fun pattern in cotton that enhances the design of the shirt.

  4. Embellish with patches and jewels

    Collect patches that showcase a girl's favorite sport, hobby or other passion to sew onto her shirt. Place them strategically on the T-shirt, perhaps in the center or on each shoulder, and add fabric jewels to make them sparkle.

  5. Embellish with pins and buttons

    Dress up a T-shirt for a girl with embellishments that can be changed out whenever she wants something different. Pin on costume jewelry brooches, fun character buttons or other pins to match the mood of the day.