How Do You Dress With Tights?

dress-tights Credit: Betsie Van Der Meer/Taxi/Getty Images

Match colored tights to a dress, shoes or accessories, or pick a color that does not match to add an updated look to an outfit. Patterned tights are worn with dresses that are one solid color, while patterned dresses are worn with textured tights. Tights that have a great deal of detailing are typically worn in place of accessories.

Tights work well with pumps, full-length boots and ankle boots, Mary Jane shoes, high heels and open-toed shoes. Almost any color pumps look good with black tights, as long as they feature a design that prevents them from fading into the muted background the tights create. The look also works for both day and evening.

Ankle boots typically cause legs to look shorter and heavier, so pairing them with tights that are the same color makes legs appear longer and leaner. Wearing ankle boots with dresses generally creates an unflattering appearance, while pairing tights with ankle boots and a dress that has a vivid color or print helps to accentuate the dress.

Wear tights with a pair of Mary Jane shoes for formal occasions. Tights of the same color work with formal dresses that are the same color, or black tights can be worn to provide a contrast between the dress and shoes. Tights that are paired with open-toed shoes work well with print dresses in lighter colors or with a dress that is a similar color.