How Do You Dress Like a Nerd?

To dress like a nerd, wear tight pants, choose a nerdy shirt, select argyle socks, wear awkward shoes and style your hair. Accessorize with eyeglasses, a bow tie and a watch.

  1. Wear tight pants

    Purchase tight, high-water pants. These pants are restrictive, and help you to look and walk like a nerd. Accessorize your pants with clip-on suspenders or a long belt.

  2. Choose a nerdy shirt

    Choose a tight t-shirt with either a Star Trek or Star Wars logo on the front. Short-sleeved Oxford shirts complete with pocket protectors are also typical nerd shirts.

  3. Select argyle socks

    Choose long, white argyle socks to complement the high-water pants. These socks also work great with Bermuda shorts. Mismatched argyle socks also complement the geek costume.

  4. Wear awkward shoes

    Wear black sneakers, ill-fitting saddle shoes or bowling shoes to complete the nerd ensemble.

  5. Style your hair

    The typical male nerd hair style is slicked-back hair. Be sure to use a lot of gel. Tuck a pencil or pen behind your ear to enhance the look.

  6. Accessorize your outfit

    Big, black-rimmed eyeglasses are the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. Consider adding tape to the edge or middle of the frame. Wear a large, outdated digital watch, preferably one with a calculator. Include a bow tie in a bright color or strange pattern and a backpack to tie the nerd look together.