How Do You Dress Like a Hipster?

dress-like-hipster Credit: Alys Tomlinson/Taxi/Getty Images

To follow the hipster trend, Meghan Blalock from StyleCaster recommends that women wear staple items such as crop tops, thick-framed glasses, wide-brimmed hats, flannel shirts and overalls. Rose Wheeler from Global Post recommends that men who wish to dress as hipsters wear items such as Converse shoes, knitted scarves, messenger bags, skinny jeans and V-neck graphic T-shirts with some type of ironic phrase printed on them.

Blalock lists additional hipster trends for women as wearing headbands, scarves, high-wasted pants, button-up shirts with a collar, oversized sweaters and ripped jeans. Chambray shirts, cropped vests and patterned jeans are also associated with hipster fashion.

According to Morwenna Ferrier from The Guardian, beards and tattoos are popular among men who identify with the hipster crowd, which originated in large urban areas such as New York City and London. As Wheeler explains, people who identify as hipsters are known to rebel against conventional fashion standards and popular labels. Hipsters often hunt for unique bargain pieces in thrift stores to help them pull together a vintage look. The hipster wardrobe is usually relaxed and appears thrown together and a bit mismatched. Ferrier's observation is that there is a clash among true hipsters and the people who are eager to follow the trend.