How Do You Dress Like a Hippie?

How Do You Dress Like a Hippie?

To dress like a hippie, put on hip-hugging, bell bottom jeans, a halter top or T-shirt, and sandals. Wear accessories, particularly those with fringe and peace symbols. Keep your hair long.

  1. Put on hip-hugger pants

    Look for pants that are tight across the hips and bell out below the knees, such as bell bottoms. Jeans are the preferred style, especially if they have patches or fringe at the bottom.

  2. Wear a halter top or T-shirt

    Women can put on a halter top or T-shirt, and men can wear a plain or tie-dyed T-shirt. Vests can be worn over the T-shirts.

  3. Slip into sandals

    Go completely barefoot, or wear leather open-toe sandals.

  4. Wear a headband

    Women can wear a cloth or leather headband, sometimes with a flower. Men can also wear headbands.

  5. Add accessories

    Pair a wide leather belt with the jeans. Add a peace symbol necklace, though any Eastern-inspired necklace would do. Look for any accessory that includes fringe.

  6. Keep your hair long, or wear a long wig

    Both men and women should keep their hair long and natural, meaning don't use styling products to change the texture of the hair. Afros or a long, straight wig can also be worn.