How Do You Dress Like a Greaser?

To dress like a greaser, wear well-fitted dark jeans, a solid white or black T-shirt, and a leather or denim jacket. To complete the look, style your hair into a pompadour, and put a comb in your back pocket. Use pomade to get the shiny style that inspired the term "greaser."

  1. Wear dark jeans

    Wear well-fitted dark blue or black jeans. Make sure the jeans aren't overly baggy or tight. Cuff the ankles of the jeans about 1 inch thick, and then put a switchblade comb in the back pocket.

  2. Put on a solid T-shirt

    Wear a solid black, gray or white T-shirt. Make sure the shirt fits well without appearing too big or too tight. Roll up the sleeves.

  3. Choose a leather jacket

    Put on a leather biker jacket to complete the greaser look. If you don't have a biker jacket, choose a vintage-style denim jacket instead.

  4. Grease your hair

    Finally, fashion your hair into a pompadour. Cut your hair short on the sides while leaving extra length on top, and then comb the hair back with a dab of pomade to get the pompadour style. Use hairspray for extra hold and shine to finish off the greaser look.