How Do You Dress Like a Gentleman?

dress-like-gentleman Credit: N-Photo Magazine / Contributor/Future/Getty Images

Making sure your clothes are neat and tailored is a sign of a true gentleman. Get to know your measurements and a great tailor in your area, and visit often. Wear vintage clothing as much as possible, as it provides a more exact fit.

  1. Know your measurements

    When you buy clothing, make sure it fits your measurements precisely. If not, take your clothing to a tailor so your clothes are customized for you. Memorize your measurements, or keep them written down in a place where you will always have access to them.

  2. Shop vintage

    Go to vintage clothing stores or consignment shops to purchase your clothing items. Fashion pieces from past eras will likely give you a more precise fit. Or, shop at stores that provide well-fitting, vintage-inspired clothes for men.

  3. Dress to fit your lifestyle

    All of your clothes should fit well. However, you'll need different pieces for different environments. If you work in a corporate office, tailored suits should be a regular part of your wardrobe. If your work setting is casual, sport coats and trousers that are true to your size are best. Even if you are an artist and can wear patterns and bright colors, be sure the clothing flatters your physique.