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There are no specific rules for dressing in an indie style, but vintage pieces are a common theme. Indie fashion, also called hipster fashion, is an alternative to mainstream styles and trends.

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Vintage and handmade clothing are staples of indie fashion. People who dress with an indie style often shop at thrift or secondhand clothing stores, or specialty shops that make one-of-a-kind pieces. As of late 2014, staples of indie fashion include slim-fit pants or short cut-off jeans for men and high-waisted pants, shorts or skirts for women. Retro glasses with large, thick frames are popular for both men and women. Indie footwear staples include classic sneakers such as Vans or Converse, leather boots such as Doc Martens and vintage-inspired dress shoes such as oxfords and bucks. Options for indie tops vary greatly. Button-ups with loud, vintage patterns, such as floral or Hawaiian shirts, are popular in indie fashion, as are timeless pieces such as flannel shirts and solid-colored oxford shirts. Indie band T-shirts and solid-colored T-shirts are also commonplace. Since indie fashion is related to a larger independent movement or lifestyle that deviates from the mainstream, the markers of indie fashion are by no means rigid. Popular figures in independent music or art often shape these trends through their fans' appreciation of their unique and creative styles.

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