How Do You Dress to Hide a Flabby Tummy?

To hide a flabby tummy, wear shapewear underneath an empire-waist dress or an A-line dress in a dark color. To slim the stomach even more, complete the look with a thick belt in a darker color than the dress.

  1. Wear shapewear

    Shapewear instantly tightens and shapes your body, holding in flab. It also helps you to stand up tall and to improve your posture, which has a slimming effect on the stomach. To contain a flabby tummy, choose high-waisted shapewear in a style similar to bike shorts.

  2. Wear an empire-waist dress in a dark color

    Empire-waist and A-line dresses create an hourglass shape which barely graze the stomach area, making them flattering choices when hiding a flabby tummy. Choose dresses that fit well, but are not too tight. Darker colors, such as black, navy blue or dark brown, disguise stomach flab especially well.

  3. Add a belt

    Wear a belt that is about three to four inches thick with the dress. Thick belts create a corset effect, which flattens the stomach even more and gives more definition to your figure. For the most significant tummy-slimming results, choose a belt that is a darker color than the dress. Avoid thin belts, which draw more attention to stomach flab.