How Do You Dress Grunge?


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To dress grunge, wear predominantly dark colors and add denim, leggings and tights with dark patterns, flannel shirts, and leather to your wardrobe. The grunge style is characterized by any combination of clothes that is casual, somewhat messy and very layered.

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Grunge style is easily identified by a sloppy and casual vibe that can be achieved with baggy, ripped jeans; oversized sweaters and T-shirts; loose jackets; flashy jewelry; and big, heavy footwear. The colors are dark, different styles and fabrics are mixed and matched, and hairstyle and makeup is casual. The main color is black, although other neutral colors are acceptable too. To dress in a grunge style, incorporate denim into the outfit with jeans, leggings, jackets, vests or shorts that are ripped and stone-washed. Baggy jeans can be replaced with tights or leggings in dark colors and patterns. Flannel is an important element of grunge dressing. Flannel shirts can be paired with baggy jeans, shorts or leggings and paired with a tank top and jacket.

Leather is a new entrant to the world of grunge style. Leather biker jackets, shorts, skirts, or boots or even a leather dress paired with ripped tights, adds a hint of sophistication, giving the look its own glam grunge subculture. Comfort is key to this style of dressing, making Doc Martens or combat boots great footwear choices. Opt for flashy and edgy accessories such as metal detailing on clothes and sunglasses.

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