What Is the Dress Code for a Marine Ball?


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At a Marine Corps Ball, service members are required to wear their Dress Blue Alpha or Bravo uniforms, while guests must wear formal attire that complements the Marine uniforms. The formal attire worn by guests should be respectful and professional.

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Each year, the Marine Corps has a large celebratory formal ball that consists of a ceremony followed by a celebration. Active duty Marines, Marine reservists and retired Marines are all invited to the ball, and each of them is allowed to bring a guest if they so choose. Most often, Marines are required to wear their Dress Blue uniforms for at least the duration of the ceremony. In some instances, Marines can change into gowns or tuxedos after the ceremony for the remainder of the celebration. Tuxedos must be accompanied by a tie and proper formal wear, while gowns must be at least knee length and not be too flashy.

Guests of Marines must also adhere to a professional dress code. There should be no tuxedos or gowns that have excessive colors or decorative parts because the formal wear is supposed to complement the uniforms of the service members. Women need not get their hair professionally styled, but they often wear their hair in an elegant fashion.

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