Is There a Dress Code for 55 and Older Communities in Florida?

Some retirement communities in Florida have a dress code for shared spaces, such as community dining rooms. In some communities, dress codes are relaxed suggestions, and in others, more strict. One retirement community in Atlantic Beach, Florida advises its residents that, while daytime attire is often casual and comfortable, dinner patrons in the dining room are required to wear more dressy attire; men wear jackets during winter months, and women wear dresses, skirts or suits.

Another retirement community in Florida allows residents to determine the dress code. In one dining room, residents determined the dress code to be no shorts and no denim. The location also has a casual dining room where shorts are welcome.

Dinnertime attire at some continuing care retirement communities around the country is evolving to be more casual. For some residents, men wearing a tie and jacket and ladies wearing a dress or skirt to dinner is based on tradition rather than requirement.

Gold courses, including those that are a part of a retirement community, often have a dress code. One such retirement community course in Lakeland, Florida requires what they call country club attire, meaning that while Bermuda shorts are acceptable, men must wear shirts with a collar, women must wear shirts with sleeves or a collar, and t-shirts and denim are never acceptable.