How Do You Dress for a Broadway Show?

How Do You Dress for a Broadway Show?

There is no real dress code for anyone who wishes to attend a performance; opening night might inspire a dressy look, however, since the show is usually in the evening and more heavily attended. Theater-goers can use their own best judgment about what to wear.

While there is no specific dress code for Broadway plays, attendees may want to dress comfortably.

  1. Bring a sweater or jacket
  2. Like movie theaters, Broadway theaters are known for turning up the air conditioning.

  3. Dress for comfort
  4. Attendees should wear apparel that will be comfortable for them, particularly during long plays. For both men and women, this could mean jeans and a shirt or blouse.

  5. Consider dressing up for opening night
  6. Although not required, it is considered good form to attend opening night performances in dressier attire. For men, this can involve a suit and tie. Women may want to wear a cocktail dress and heels.