How Do You Dress in 60-Degree Weather?

Best Up Now recommends that people should dress in layers or wear a light jacket when the outside temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The elderly and children may need more coverage than the average healthy adult. The weather conditions also influence what attire should be worn. If it is windy or raining, a light sweater is appropriate, but if the skies are clear, a short-sleeve shirt is a comfortable option.

Layering is recommended because it gives a person the option to add or remove clothing to achieve comfort as the temperature changes. What a person will wear in 60-degree weather will also depend on what the predicted high and low temperatures for the day will be. If the high temperature for the day is around 60 degrees, then more layers should be worn to protect the body from the elements. recommends a sweater and shorts or a blazer over a tank top with pants as an ideal outfit under these conditions. If 60 degrees is the lowest predicted temperature for the day, then less clothing will be needed to feel comfortable. Jackets may be too warm as the temperature rises throughout the day, but keeping a sweater or jacket handy for when temperatures decrease may be useful.