How Do You Do Dreadlocks Yourself?

To create dreadlocks on your own hair, prepare the hair, spiral and clip the strands, palm roll regularly, and remove the clips once the locks have set. Creating dreadlocks initially takes roughly 1 hour and requires clips, a fine-toothed comb, a blow dryer, and either hair wax or gel.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash the hair, but do not add conditioner. Dry your hair thoroughly. Divide the hair into 1-inch wide sections.

  2. Add product to the strands of hair

    While working, segment hair into square sections. Apply the hair wax or gel to a strand of hair, working it through from root to end.

  3. Twist the locks

    Hold the strand securely, and twist it tightly clockwise. Once the hair is in a tight roll, clip it at the end. If your hair is straight, tease it first. Use a fine-toothed comb to create tangles along the entire length of the strand. Repeat the product application and the twisting for each individual strand.

  4. Dry the locks

    Use a blow dryer to dry each lock completely.

  5. Wash the hair

    During the budding stage, which lasts from two months to one year, only wash the hair once a week. Cover your head with a nylon stocking, and allow the shampoo to seep through this before rinsing thoroughly. Do not add conditioner.

  6. Palm roll each lock

    Every three to four days, take a lock of hair between your palms and roll it clockwise. Repeat this for each strand. This encourages the hair to lock in the desired spiral pattern.

  7. Remove the clips

    Hair that has locked looks loose for 1 inch at the scalp but naturally goes into the lock beyond that. Once hair has locked, remove the clips.