How Do You Draw Tribal Tattoos?

How Do You Draw Tribal Tattoos?

Tribal tattoos can be simple and eye-catching or can feature especially intricate designs. Deciding which tribal tattoo you want and studying the design can help you create original and attractive body art.

  1. Take a look at tribal tattoo designs

    Go through a database of tattoos that have a tribal style. Study the line structure and colors of the tattoos. A number of tribal tattoos have significant meanings, so select a tattoo that will always be important and relevant.

  2. Decide on your tribal tattoo and practice

    Choose a tribal tattoo and practice sketching it. Select a tattoo that portrays the desired sentiment but isn't too difficult to draw. Start with thin lines that portray the outline of the tattoo design, then fill the lines in to achieve the desired thickness.

  3. Take the design to a tattoo artist

    Show the design to a professional tattoo artist. The artist may make suggestions for improving the body art or may draw an improved version of the tattoo. Consult the tattoo artist about color choices for the tribal tattoo. While some tribal designs are best in black and white, color elements can be added to enhance the aesthetic of the body art. Before deciding on which tattoo artist to use, search the artist's portfolio and get recommendations from family and friends.