How Do You Draw Tattoo Flash?

How Do You Draw Tattoo Flash?

To draw tattoo flash, you need a pencil, markers and a piece of paper. Alternatively, you may draw your design using the computer program of your choice and print it out. Take your tattoo flash to a tattoo artist to have it placed on your body.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Gather the supplies you need to draw your tattoo flash. You need a piece of paper, a pencil and coloring implements. Colored pencils work best for shading, but permanent markers are best for bold colors or black and white designs.

  2. Draw your design

    Draw your tattoo flash on your paper with a pencil. Using a pencil allows you to easily alter your drawing and erase any mistakes that you make.

  3. Color your design

    When your design is drawn to your satisfaction, add color. Use colored pencils for designs that require heavy shading. Use permanent markers for a tattoo flash with bright, bold colors.

  4. Use a computer program

    When you do not want to draw tattoo flash by hand, use a computer program instead. An example of the type of program you use is Microsoft Paint. Print your design when you are done.

  5. Take your tattoo flash to a tattoo artist

    Take your completed design to a reputable tattoo artist to have it tattooed on your body.