What Does a Dove Tattoo Mean?

Doves represent many things from motherhood to friendship and loyalty. A dove tattoo can represent any of the main symbols the dove is associated with, so choosing the right design can help a person show off the tattoo's intent.

According to What's Your Sign, the dove has a number of meanings in symbology. Typically, the dove is seen as a symbol of faith and sacrifice when associated with Christianity. It is prominently featured with Jesus Christ and Mary, and it can be a sign of divine inspiration.

The dove is also part of Arthurian legend. It can be associated with and symbolize the holy grail. It may also represent everlasting life or the purity of a person's intent in life.

Doves are also seen in Celtic myths and in Japanese stories. It may be recognized as a symbol of wellbeing and for peace. The dove is associated directly with famous mothers historically, such as Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus and Mother Mary, so it can be a symbol of motherhood.

According to Spirit Animal, if a person sees a dove in a dream, it symbolized peace, tranquility, harmony, affection, love, innocence, loyalty, friendship, simplicity and friendship. It can also be interpreted as a blessing from the Holy Spirit in Christianity.