What Is a Double Cowlick?

A cowlick is a hair tuft that does not lie flat and grows in the opposite direction from the other hairs. Therefore, a double cowlick occurs when two hair tufts grow in opposition to the other scalp hairs.

Cowlicks are irregular hair strands that stand out after brushing. They usually form against the neck, on the crown or next to the face. Cowlicks are typically genetic, but new cowlicks may also appear when hair grows back after chemotherapy.

Haircuts that add weight to the hair can help to hide cowlicks on the crown. Cutting the hair in shorter layers or perming it also helps to camouflage the unruly hairs. Cowlicks that appear at the neck can be incorporated into the lower layer of a trendy short hairstyle. For a cowlick located in the front, brush the cowlick and bangs forward when drying the hair. Gels can be used on extra thick bangs to tame any wayward tufts. Styling products of various sorts can also help tame cowlicks on all parts of the head.

Besides corrective styling, cowlicks can be removed through electrolysis, waxing and plastic surgery. These more drastic measures are usually taken only if one's professional image is at stake.