Why Doesn't Sia Show Her Face?

doesn-t-sia-show-her-face Credit: iStock
Sia is an Austrailan singer and songwriter. Born in 1975 in Australia, her musical career began in her 20s. Her song "Chandelier" put her on the map as a solo artist, but she is best known for her stage persona. Unlike most artists, she hides her face behind a wig. Sia has spoken out publicly about why she hides her face on several occasions. She has stated that concealing her face allows the audience to focus on the music, instead of on her personal appearance. She does not typically allow herself to be photographed for magazines or ads without a wig concealing her face.

Less Recognition
Although most people would imagine a perk to being famous is being instantly recognized everywhere, Sia has decided this is not something that she wants. By hiding her face on stage, she remains more anonymous than if she performed without her wig. Until she decided to share her real face with the public, she was able to enjoy going to restaurants and doing regular tasks such as shopping without worrying about paparazzi or overbearing fans.

Ability to Focus on Songwriting
Sia has been able to stay out of the public eye and enjoy the space to focus on what she loves to do most, which is to write songs. She was keenly aware of pop stars' lives from previously writing songs for them, and knew from the beginning there is a huge toll on stars from constant, perpetual criticism from outsiders.

A Balance Between Personal and Work Life
By remaining more anonymous than her musical counterparts, Sia is able to enjoy a better balance between work and personal life. Her real appearance is not a huge secret because she attends events and sometimes goes to airports without her wig. However, she is less likely to be recognized by casual fans. But if someone is a serious Sia fan, she's likely to be noticed strolling through the L.A. Airport or posing on the red carpet from time to time.

Iconic Stage Presence
Sia's stage persona is eccentric, unique and also memorable. Although she could have stepped out into the limelight with her face and gained the same amount of popularity, her persona has taken on mysticism and allure in its own right. Her wigs have gained her more recognition perhaps than if she did not set herself apart with them.

Other Musicians Who Hide Their Identities
Sia is not the only artist to hide her identity. Here are several others who opt to keep their faces hidden, although their true identities are now known. Daft Punk, Buckethead and Deadmau5 all conceal their faces when performing. Their reasons for keeping their identities under wrap range from increased privacy as well as keeping the focus on the music rather than on physical appearance.

Artists Who Hide Their Identities
Hiding identities is not specific to musicians alone. There are artists and writers who opt to do the same. One of the more well-known artists who has managed to remain anonymous is Banksy. It's unknown whether Banksy is a single person or a collective of artists, but Banksy's iconic and highly politicized art has made a mark around the world, literally and figuratively.