Why Do Doctors Want to Remove Foot Calluses?


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Doctors usually want to remove foot calluses when they become uncomfortable, painful or inflamed, reports Mayo Clinic. Diabetics need doctors to remove foot calluses because self-treatment may result in injuries that can develop into infected ulcers. Sometimes doctors need to remove calluses because they develop from objects such as splinters caught under the skin, explains WebMD.

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Foot calluses often result from pressure on feet from improperly fitted shoes, high heels and shoes worn without socks, states WebMD. Wearing shoes that fit well and using protective padding or custom shoe inserts often alleviate the irritation and cause the calluses to go away by themselves, notes Mayo Clinic. If a callus is persistent and obtrusive, a doctor may trim away the thick skin using a scalpel. Alternatively, the doctor may prescribe a gel with salicylic acid or suggest a nonprescription salicylic acid patch to dissolve the excess skin. Patients often use these medications along with pumice stones, emery boards or nail files to remove dead skin between applications.

Doctors may sometimes prescribe antibiotics to alleviate infections accompanying calluses, according to Mayo Clinic. Calluses rarely require surgery, but when they do, the surgery involves correction of the bone alignment that is causing the friction.

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