What Are Some DIY Clothes Ideas?


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One notable DIY fashion idea is a Bohemian look, according to About.com. The use of calico prints or cutting away designs from bed sheets adds a unique look to any ensemble. Patchwork is another DIY project to consider as well, particularly on jeans.

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What Are Some DIY Clothes Ideas?
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About.com notes that turning jeans into capri pants is another good DIY idea, especially during the summer season. Completing the outfit with a button-down blouse or casual shirt completes the look. Repairing tattered jeans is another cheap DIY idea to consider, and heart-shaped or star-shaped patchwork is a useful technique to apply when mending any pair of jeans. Brown or black are neutral colors to consider for jean patches, notes About.com. For jeans beyond repair, a denim theme can be applied by turning the jeans into a booty bag.

Cold-dyeing is another DIY project for adding some color to various clothing items. However, it is important to avoid mixing certain colors to avoid getting a brown hue. For instance, red and green should never be mixed when cold-dyeing.

About.com notes that changing the skirt-lines of fall dresses is another DIY project to undertake. Getting the length of the skirt correct requires measurements, and the wearer must be certain that the length is not too long or short. For plunging necklines, making a wrap out of a buttoned-down shirt that is short-sleeved is a good way to cover up for occasions that require modesty.

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