What Are Some Display Methods for Perfume Bottles?


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Display methods for perfume bottles include decorative displays and functional displays. Decorative display methods feature the bottles themselves as a way to add flourish to an existing space, while functional display methods use the bottles to store things like buttons or safety pins.

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The first step in displaying perfume bottles is gathering the bottles and determining which are suitable for presentation. This may include throwing out bottles that are broken or otherwise damaged as well as determining if you wish to repurpose any bottles.

There are many methods of displaying bottles in a decorative way; you can hang bottles from a pot rack, strategically place bottles in window shelves so they catch the sunlight, display bottles as an entire collection via antique crates, or display bottles on a mirror to take advantage of the additional depth and light.

To display perfume bottles in a more functional way, pair specific bottles and items with specific rooms. Ideas include filling bottles with buttons and safety pins and displaying them in a craft room, or using bottles in a bathroom to hold bracelets or other small pieces of jewelry. After fully cleaning old perfume bottles, you can also use them in the kitchen to store cooking oils.

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