How Do You Disguise a Round Face With a Hairstyle?

How Do You Disguise a Round Face With a Hairstyle?

Round faces are about as long as they are wide, and they have few corners around the jaw line and cheekbones. recommends getting a haircut that lengthens the face and deflects some of the roundness.

  1. Choose a length

    Any hair length can be worn successfully by someone with a round face, but long hair typically looks better. Locks that are shoulder length or longer draw the hair downward, making the face look longer and less full. This helps create a more balanced appearance.

  2. Create angles

    Creating sharp angles in the hair can help lessen the fullness of a round face. Layers are the easiest way to create angles, and long layers also reduce the amount of hair around the cheeks and make the face look slimmer.

  3. Shape the hair

    According to The Beauty Department, the way hair is styled can reduce the appearance of a round face at least as much as the right cut can. A deep part makes the face look longer, as do swooping bangs across the forehead. Finally, putting a few strands of hair in front of the ears rather than tucking it all behind them cuts off the circle, making the face appear thinner.