How Do You Get Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights?


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Dirty-blond hair with highlights can be achieved at home or the salon. Highlighting kits are less expensive than a trip to the hair salon, but they should only be used by people with blond, light brown or medium brown hair. People with darker hair are better off using the services of a professional hair stylist.

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To get great highlights at home, it is important to select the right highlighting kit. People with blond hair should choose a kit that promises beige-blond highlights, while people with light-brown hair should seek out a kit that gives caramel- or dark-blond highlights, and people with medium-brown hair should look for a kit that imparts golden-brown highlights.

Before highlighting a whole head of hair, do a strand test. Apply dye to a strand, leave it on for the specified amount of time, and then let it dry. If the strand is the desired shade, use the same amount of time during the highlighting process. If it is too light or too dark, adjust the time as needed.

Before applying the dye, gather the necessary supplies. A toothbrush, plastic hair clip and aluminum foil may be helpful. To apply the dye, start by separating the hair at the temple into small pieces. Place a piece of foil underneath the piece of hair, brush dye onto the hair using the toothbrush and then wrap the hair in foil. Repeat this process on the sides and back of the head. Try to aim for nine foil-wrapped strands of hair. Leave the dye in for the appropriate amount of time, wash it out, condition the hair and style it.

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