How Do You Dip Dye Hair?

Dip dye your hair by dipping the ends in dye, covering the dye with aluminum foil, waiting 45 minutes and rinsing your hair. The supplies you need for this one-hour procedure are a hairbrush, elastic hair bands, hair dye, aluminum foil and latex gloves. You also need access to a shower.

  1. Brush your hair

    Brush your clean, dry hair.

  2. Divide your hair into segments

    Divide your hair into four ponytails, and secure them with elastic hair bands.

  3. Dip your hair in dye

    Put on latex protective gloves, and open the dye jar. Scoop up some dye with your fingers, and smooth it over the ends of one ponytail. Grasp the hair in your clean hand, twist it, and work your fingers over the area where the dye begins. This creates a smooth transition between your regular hair color and the dyed hue. Repeat this process with the remaining ponytails.

  4. Cover the dyed hair in foil

    Wrap the dyed portion of each ponytail in aluminum foil, and let the dye sit on your hair for 45 minutes.

  5. Rinse your hair

    Remove the foil, and turn on the shower. Step under the water, and work your fingers through the ponytails. Remove the elastic hair bands when the water runs clear, and rinse your entire head for 10 seconds. Turn off the water, wrap your hair in a towel, and proceed with your regular styling routine.