What Are Some Different Ways to Tie a Scarf?

One way to tie a scarf is to wrap it around the neck, make a small knot midway up the two hanging sides by tying them together and then turning the knot to the side of the neck, allowing the ends of the scarf to dangle. Scarves can also be tied into the hair like a headband in various ways.

The way a specific scarf is tied depends on the personal style of the person wearing the scarf, the weather and the length and material of the scarf. Longer scarves with lighter material, such as polyester or nylon, may be comfortably worn by wrapping them around the neck and making various knots or bows near the side or front of the throat area. Hair scarves usually also work better with light and thin materials.

In warm weather, neck scarves may feel a little too restrictive and uncomfortable. In cold climates, short and long scarves may be tied into a variety of knots or bows around the chest or neck area. Thicker scarves may simply be draped over the shoulders and crossed over the front of the chest. Another option is to take a long, thick scarf and wrap it loosely around the neck a few times, letting the ends hang down the front of the chest area.