What Are the Different Types of Short Layered Haircuts?

There are many types of short, layered haircuts that are considered on-trend as of 2015, including bobs, pixie cuts, pompadours and shags. Most short styles can be cut with or without layers, but how flattering each style looks on an individual depends on individual face shape and hair texture.

The trendiest short haircuts for 2015 are more modern and edgy than the short cuts women have worn in the past, according to About.com. The website provides a list of the top six hottest styles, which are the modern pixie cut, the messy shag, the pompadour, the unstructured bob, very short and edgy cuts and the long bob. Each item on the list links to picture galleries for each cut, and each gallery includes a variety of layered and one-length versions of that cut.

About.com also offers a helpful guide to selecting the perfect short haircut for every face shape, hair texture and individual style. The shape of the face is one of the most important features to consider when looking for a new hairstyle. Oval faces are the most versatile and work well with almost all short hairstyles. On other face shapes, the most flattering short cuts are those that create the illusion of an oval face. For hairstyle inspiration, Styles Weekly and Popular Haircuts offer two galleries of cute, layered versions of the trendiest short haircuts, along with helpful face shape and hair texture recommendations for specific styles.