What Are Different Types of Perfumes for Men?

different-types-perfumes-men Credit: poppet with a camera/CC-BY 2.0

There are six primary scents, known as notes, which make up both perfumes and colognes, according to Men's Fitness. These notes are floral, oriental, citrus, chyphre, green and fougere. These six notes combine to form an array of finishes, or final scents.

Floral scents are by far the most common perfume for women, but they are also used in masculine finishes, according to Bankrate.com. This note is typically produced from flowers such as roses, orange blossoms, carnations and jasmine.

Oriental scents are more commonly found in woodsy masculine finishes, states Bankrate.com. These scents, composed of amber, spices and resin, often evoke the exotic or erotic. Due to a rich muskiness, oriental notes are best used in the winter months.

Citrus notes derive from citrus fruits: lemons, limes and oranges. Like floral scents, they are more common in female perfumes, but they are an important factor in many finishes. Chyphre scents evoke the woods, making them an essential part of most colognes. The smells come from oak moss, bergamot and cypress, the latter of which provides the name chyphre.

Green scents are typically used in sporty perfumes and colognes. These scents are composed of pine, juniper, herbs and leaves. Finally, fougere notes give a sophisticated, urbane air, most commonly found in masculine colognes. They are produced from mossy ferns and a variety of herbs.