What Are the Different Types of Palm Tree Tattoos?


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Palm tree tattoos vary in three distinct ways: the type of palm, the style of the tattoo, and whether or not the tattoo is color or grayscale. When deciding on what type of palm tree tattoo is best, the recipient should explore the different possibilities in type, style and color.

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There are a variety of palm trees that differ greatly from one another. Dorla Wotherspoon lists dozens of different palm trees on her website, Palm Tree Passion, including the most recognizable palms used in landscaping. These are the palms with which people are most familiar, and are most likely the type that the recipient of the tattoo is seeking.

Determining the style of a tattoo is a personal choice that should be discussed by the artist and recipient in detail. Skin Deep in Art outlines a variety of aesthetics ranging from traditional American to photorealistic, or even Asian and Celtic designs. Looking at favorite depictions of palm trees may be helpful in determining what kind of aesthetic is best for the tattoo.

Lastly, the recipient must decide whether or not to use color or grayscale on the tattoo. This is another personal aesthetic that should be discussed by the artist and recipient before tattooing. Due to their tropical habitats, and thus appealing color palettes, palm tree tattoos are most often seen in color.

For inspiration, try typing "palm tree tattoos" into a search engine and consider the results, or browse galleries such as Skin Deep in Art.

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