What Are Some Different Types of Micro Bikinis?


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The different types of micro bikinis, often referred to as "microkinis," either have strings to hold them in place or rely on adhesive or wire to cover the genitals. Those that use adhesive or wires do not have side straps to hold them in place.

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Micro bikinis are the smallest bikinis available. They provide just enough coverage to prevent full nudity on the beach or at the swimming pool and usually have a G-string back with no lining.

The most common type of micro bikini is the string bikini. This type comes in a variety of colors and styles and common styles combine a thong with just enough fabric to cover the nipples. Some micro bikinis have a T-back instead of a G-string, which provides a slightly wider piece of fabric in the back.

Micro bikinis, unlike other types, are not adjustable. The triangular piece of fabric that covers the front is sewn onto the string waistband. Most styles of microkinis offer about 25 percent coverage in the front.

No-string micro bikinis use adhesive to adhere to the body. Most of these microkinis come with pre-attached adhesive, and after removing lotions and oils from the body, wearers peel off the backing and apply the bikini to the skin.

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