What Are Different Types of Lowlights to Go With Certain Hair Colors?


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Lowlights, or strands of darker hair, are appropriate for blonds, brunettes and redheads. Lowlights add depth to the hair color and make hair appear thicker or more textured. Lowlights can consist of thin, medium or thick strands.

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Lowlights can add dimension to hair that's gotten lighter in the sun. For instance, if hair has faded to light blond, honey- or sand-colored strands make the color look more natural. Such lowlights also make the light strands look like highlights instead of faded hair color.

With medium blond hair, golden brown lowlights in thin strands darken the overall look without appearing severe. For more contrast, stylists can add thicker strands of golden brown. Another option for medium blond hair is adding strawberry blond lowlights. The strawberry blond adds warmth without much contrast.

Brunette hair sometimes fades in the sun, too. Wine-colored strands add the depth of color back in. Alternatively, cool brown lowlights can make the natural color appear to be subtle highlights.

Red hair can sometimes look brassy. One way to tone the look down is to add thick chunks of chocolate-colored lowlights. Such pieces are especially flattering when placed near the face. Another attractive lowlight option for red hair is deep berry. For the most natural look, stylists add the deep berry in medium strands throughout the hair.

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