What Are the Different Types of Lip Piercings?

different-types-lip-piercings Credit: Hill Street Studios/Gary Kious/Blend Images/Getty Images

Popular lip piercings include the standard, Monroe, labret, Medusa and Madonna. Styles involving multiple piercings include the snake bites, angel bites, dolphin bites and spider bites. Lip piercing styles with four piercings include the shark bites and canine bites.

The standard lip piercing features a single stud off-center through the lower lip. The Monroe piercing replicates Marilyn Monroe's iconic mole with a single stud on the left side of the upper lip. When placed on the right side, this style is called the Madonna piercing.

The labret piercing is a centered piercing below the bottom lip. It is also known as a center-lip piercing. A related style, the vertical labret, features ring or barbell jewelry that pierces the skin below the bottom lip and exits in the middle of the lip itself.

The snake bites piercing features one stud on either side of the lower lip. When translated to the upper lip, this style is called an angel bites piercing. The combination of snake bites and angel bites has four studs and is known as a canine bites piercing. Another style with four studs is the shark bites piercing, in which a pair of studs appears on either side of the lower lip.