What Are Some Different Types of the Fade Hairstyle for Men?


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Different types of the fade hairstyle for men include the classic fade, the taper fade and the low fade. Other popular types of the fade hairstyle for men include the Princeton fade and the Caesar fade.

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The taper fade is a type of fade hairstyle for men that resembles a modified undercut. The taper fade features a standard taper in which the hair fades to skin consistently so that the cut appears uniform. Taper fades are worn in styles such as the blurry fade, comb over and side part.

The classic fade features hair that tapers at the perimeter of the hairline. At the parietal ridge, the hair stops fading and is left approximately 1/2 inch long. This type of fade is usually styled with hair products. To cut the classic fade hairstyle, taper the length upwards, and use a razor or clippers to cut the sides and back.

The low fade hairstyle tapers down until 1 inch above the natural hairline. The low fade is commonly paired with a beard and the fade section can be worn very short or bald.

The mid fade came from the military and is cut skin-tight about 1/3 of the way up the head. Use a 2 1/2-inch blade on top, and cut the back and sides short.

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