What Are Some Different Types of Cherub Tattoos?

What Are Some Different Types of Cherub Tattoos?

Cherub tattoos typically portray a baby with angel wings. Artists depict the cherubs in different poses, such as lying down or flying, and in different styles.

Tattoo artists usually draw a male baby with small wings, either naked or wearing a diaper, to create a cherub. Sometimes the cherubs are sitting on clouds and some are shown holding a trumpet.

Cupid is the best-known cherub. When the baby angel is holding an arrow, especially if hearts are in the tattoo, the cherub is usually depicting Cupid. These tattoos signify romantic love.

Cherubs are actually protective angels. In fact, Cherubim in the Bible are fearsome, rather than child-like angels. Nonetheless, some people wear baby cherub tattoos as a sign of protection.

The image of cherubs as infant angels comes from the Greek and Roman traditions of Putti. These baby-like angels were able to influence people, and this is likely the origin of the Cupid myth. The combination of Putti and Cherubim comes from the Middle Ages. Other very famous cherubs are those painted by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. These cherubs also serve as inspiration for tattoos.

Cherub tattoos can signify the innocence of children or the loss of a child, and some parents get baby angel tattoos as a memorial after the death of a child.