What Are the Different Types of African Braids for Short Hair?


Different types of African braids for short hair include, braids with curls, the sexy mohawk, showy diagonal braids, braids and waves, and more of a color theme. These braids are ideal for short hair.

These short hair braids are down with a variety of different techniques. The more of a color theme, for example, uses red hair color to create roses on the top of the head. Braids and waves, on the other hand, braids the hair near the crown of the head and near the scalp, and leaves the rest of the hair in a loose, wavy hairdo. Braids with curls does the same thing, but the loose portion is curls.

The sexy mohawk is another play on this braid, with the loose ends standing up in a mohawk style. Both sides of the mohawk are braided, while the front and sides remain loose to create the mohawk.

The showy diagonal braids are short braids that go diagonal across the scalp. One side of the head has strips of braids while the other side has all the braided ends. This style is a play on the side part, and creates a unique look. The braids frame the face on one side.