What Are Different Twist Hair Styles for Black Hair?


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Black hair can be twisted to create a variety of hairstyles, including the two-strand twist, bantu knots and comb coils. By loosening or unraveling the twists, individuals can also wear twist-outs or curly afros.

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Two-strand twists begin with the separation of parted sections into two strands, which are twisted around one another from the scalp down to the end of the hair shaft. When done with wet hair, the follicles contract as they dry, resulting in tighter twists. Individuals can wear their hair in the individual twists or unravel each piece to create a twist-out, a wavy loose hair style.

Bantu knots form by continuously twisting one section of hair around itself. The hair eventually coils, forming a knot at the scalp. The end of the twisted section wraps around the base of the coil to secure the knot.

With the help of a rat tail comb, individuals can create coils. This hairstyle starts with styling gel applied to small sections of damp hair. The section is then wrapped around the tail end of the comb. Twisting the comb around the hair, while simultaneously pulling it to the bottom of the section, creates a springy coil. After some days of wear, the coils loosen, taking the shape of a curly afro.

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