What Are Some Different Styles of Heart and Love Tattoos?

What Are Some Different Styles of Heart and Love Tattoos?

Heart and love tattoos include classic examples, which simply embellish a red or pink heart with decorative lines, hearts or bows; tribal heart tattoos, which are done in simple black lines; and heart and rose tattoos, which sometimes create a heart in the shape of a rose and sometimes surround the heart with roses. Tattoos can also depict a sacred heart or a winged heart.

Variations on the classic heart design use musical symbols, such as a treble and bass clef, to create the shape of the heart or use the block letters L, O, V and E to create the shape of the heart and spell out the word "love." Some people choose to put the image of a crown on top of the heart for embellishment.

The sacred heart tattoo is usually shown as a flaming heart surrounded by thorns. This tattoo is generally associated with Christianity, as the symbol represents the heart of Jesus and his divine love for humanity. A winged heart can show basic wings coming from the heart or can have detailed wings like that of an angel. This can represent a loved one who has gone or can indicate a free spirit.

Another idea is to create the heart in the image of a lock, with a keyhole in the center. Sometimes partners choose to have complimentary tattoos, with one person sporting the heart locket and the other sporting an image of a key.

It is also possible to create a heart tattoo that looks anatomically like a true heart. This can include illustrations of veins emerging from the heart.