What Are Some Different Styles of Eyebrows?

What Are Some Different Styles of Eyebrows?

Different styles of eyebrows include round, arched, flat, narrow and gradual shaped. These styles can be created in thin, natural and thick eyebrow looks. Facial shape should be used to determine the best eyebrow style for a particular face. Choosing the right eyebrow style can enhance the eyes and make a person look younger while reducing the need for eye makeup.

Soft angular eyebrows look good on an oval face. High arches eyebrows can make a round face look thinner. Softly arched eyebrows soften a square face. Thick full eyebrows that are well-groomed compliment a heart-shaped face.

Flat eyebrows make a long face look shorter. Extended brows are also recommended for a long face. An example of this eyebrow style is often displayed by Liv Tyler.

An exotic eyebrow style is a straight angled upward line that tapers from the inside edge of the eyebrow outward. This eyebrow style can give a person a unique look and generally works well for most face types.

The right eyebrow style opens up the eye area and improves the symmetry of the face, according to Daily Makeover. Tips for getting perfect eyebrows include their head starting right at the bridge of the nose and never cutting the eyebrows short.